Product Quality

It is the mother nature Who give us one of the best source of Calcium Carbonate in the World. It helps our customer saving much money to have world class products.

Logistic Service

We have successfully been handling thousands of Shipments to the customer from various countries over the years. There is absoluately no risk in your shipment

Technical Expert

We delivery much more than just a quality product. Our technical expert bring world class experience to help our customer optimize their operation and be more successful and efficent

Customer Service

Our Calcium Carbonate is White but our business relationship is Gold. The customer is our blood and our purpose. To be successful, we need to treat that customer as more than just a number

Product Price

Product price reflect product's quality. But every dollars counts in running the business. So we constanly make innovation to minimize the cost and improve productivity making reduction on the price as much as possilbe

Our Commitment

If you ask anyone in our company: Why do we exist ? They will immediately respond: To deliver What we promise. Our customer always says: "Thanks for keeping your words".


Shipments Finished


Satisfied Clients




Team Members

Our Philosophy

There is only one Boss in our Company. It is the Customer. We strongly believe in listening and learning from them. Understanding What exactly Customer need is the must. We value their money and make them satisfied as our only option.

Our vision

At VMPC, We don't want to say anything big and just only on paper. Day by day, We've continued to grow our business with a focus on innovation, new products and What customer have always known us for quality, technical expertise and our high touch customer service.

Our Commitment

If you ask anyone in our company : "Why do we exit ? " , They will immediately respond: " To delivery What we promise ". This has resulted in our customer saying: " Thanks for delivering What you promised ". And We want you to be the next.

" We VMPC Joint Stock Company is as super fine pure Calicum Carbonate powder manufacturer based in Viet Nam ". VMPC exits with goal in mind: "To provide the products and service that goes beyond customer expectation". We are much aware that: Customer are only satisfied If they received quality in return of money invested. "IF YOU ARE IN PAINT, PLASTIC, PAPER INDUSTRY etc. YOU SHOULD KNOW US BEFORE THE OTHER KNOW"

Thanks for providing us world class Calcium carbonate. Your technical expert even guide us in every step to optimize our operation, recommend the most suitable product in our case. Whenever We need CaCO3, We remember you: The most trusted Company ever seen

Elizabeth Eglantine

"Your exporting team is so amazing, they never make a single mistake, always be ready to handle our shipment throughout the process. We feel no risk on our cargo. Thanks for keeping your world".

Harve Alva

Our R&D team was amazed with quality of your Calcium Carbonate. It's even Whiter than White, absolutely the best match in our application. Your price is so affordable and always give long term partner like us special offer. Great !!

Kelcey Kiara


" Thank you for continuing to make VMPC as your preferred partner for Calcium Carbonate. We are working day to night to bring our customer more value "