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Calcium Carbonate Powder is mainly used as a substitute for more expensive ingredients. VMPC Joint Stock Company is well known for high and stable quality of CaCO3

  • 40% water based paint, oil painting ( Additive: water resin, kaolin etc)
  • 60% putty wall ( The rest is other additives: cement etc

Application in other paints: Wood paint, Epoxy paints, marine paints, electrostatic paint, PU Paint, Industrial Paint, Imitation Paint, aromatic paint, water proof paint etc

Features of Calcium Carbonate

  • High Whiteness 98% min
  • High purity 98.5% min

Specific Application Benefits

  • Interior Decoration paint is mainly using Calcium Carbonate powder to expand the expensive components in construction and control the shine in construction.
  • In some outdoor formulation, Calcium Carbonate Powder provides resistance and pH stability While giving mortar and image output. CaCO3 primarily contribute to the rheological shrinkage
  • Calcium Carbonate for road markets, traffic paint. It is incorporated to provide high brightness and opacity as well as reduce cost
  • White powder coating with a high TIO2 content can benefit from the pigmented distance and extend the features provided by Calcium Carbonate designed for domestic and other indoor use to reduce expenditure. Charge, While maintaining gloss, color and opacity good
  • Elastomeric roof coating uses pigments for brightness and opacity, Calcite powder can enhance the optical property
  • Calcium Carbonate are the pigment that extends in the ink, providing turbidity, viscosity and ball control .They can also used as dyes and dispersion aid.