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VMPC Joint Stock Company provide Ground Calcium Carbonate powder Which is a popular raw material additive in the paper industry, accounts for up to 20% with Ford, Coshce, Briston, Duplex, Ivory, iridescent Paper.

Calcium Carbonate powder is a filler inside the paper structure and as coating on the surface. A wide range of products are offered worldwide, varying in particle size distribution and brightness to suite all applications.

Main function:

– High Whiteness

– High solids

– Save coler

Specific application benefits:

– As fillers, Calcium Carbonate Powder improves optical properties and prints paper While reducing cost by replacing more expensive fibers.

– As a coating, Calcium Carbonate powder continues to improve optical and surface properties and through careful selection of pigment properties, provides precise coating structures for interaction. With ink during the printing process.