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Calcium Carbonate Powder plays an important role in the plastic industry

  • 30% weight in PVC, UPVC, PP, HDPE etc
  • 80% weight for making plastic additives ( Taical Calcium Carbonate, filler masterbatch

Advantage of our Calcium Carbonate Powder:

  • Cost Saving
  • Reduce white dye or TiO2 Because of the high whiteness of Calcium Carbonate ( 98% min )
  • Increase hardness, surface gloss of the product
  • Can be mixed directly with PP powder for vacuum shaping, radiation
  • Easy to distribute
  • Heat resistance, curvature, size, stability, ease of printing and texture and thermal release from heating to avoid environmental pollution

Special application benefits

  • Calcium Carbonate powder for PVC pipe and Cable: It helps to reduce the expensive plastic without any negative impact – and sometimes improvement physical activity.
  • Calcium Carbonate powder for Profile PVC ( eg siding, windows and door frames ): It provides high gloss, smooth finish, Whiteness and reduced plastic percentage, white retaning and in some cases, it enhance the impact of strength
  • Calcium Carbonate powder in heat-resistant plastic ( Sheet and bulk molding compounds, such as car parts, bath and shower applications ), CaCO3 in unsaturated polyester based on SMC and BMC reduce costs, face up, increase hardness, manage losses and ensure improved heat dissipation.
  • Using Calcium Carbonate in thermoplastic reduce cost and improves mechanical – optical properties