We VMPC JSC are so privilege to possess Calcium Carbonate material resource that is exploited from the Mong Son limestone quarry, Yen Bai province Which is ranked as one of the purest and brightest source over the World among the best name such as: Colombia, Egypt, Jordani, Turkey etc.You are not only heard that from us but also from foreign specialists. It is not surprise, our raw Calcium Carbonate material have content of CaCO3 more than 98.5%, the highest Whiteness and Brightness you ever seen and so on. With an area of …., Our Calcium Carbonate quarry have reserves of  12 millions tons and annual exploitation capacity is 300,000 tons. We take advantage of owning the raw material area to ensure the high quality, sustainable Calcium Carbonate powder in long term. Thanks to our mother nature Who give us the best CaCO3 sources help us reduce huge cost to provide the world class product with the most affordable price.

The material transported to the factory by both road and waterway to meet the input material demand at any time for production.

Our super fine Grinding manufacturing plant was built in the area of  ha located in Yen Binh Industrial park, Yen Binh district, Yen Bai province. It has convenient location and make thousands of containers easily transported by road without any troubles according to customer requirement.

What make VMPC product different not only is our best Calicum Carbonate resources but also the production technology. We currently own the most modern technology system from Hosokawa Alpine – Top leader brand name in Germany and most trusted over the world. VMPC uses Ball Mill Grinding and Ultra Fine Air Classifier system which can adjust the required particle size. After grinding, high quality products are packed by automatic technology according to customer’s requirements.This enables us to produce high and stable product quality, reach the wide range of particle size with the top cut down to 4µ.

Particularly for each shipment, before the goods are delivered to customers, the Calcium Carbonate powder is re-checked by going through all the quality test in our laboratory to ensure that the powder products meet the requirements of customers. We take daily samples test to control the quality in our lab with modern equipment: UK’s MALVERN 3000E laser particle analyzer, MINOTA CR-410 whiteness meter.

Every step of manufacturing process is operated and maintained by well qualified expert under daily-basic monitoring system. Our experienced staff is well trained by EU’s exper to achieve the quality policy ensuring to meet the strictest customer demand.

We applied the same processing technology as all major player in Calcium Carbonate manufacturing area such as: Omya, Imerys…….. Our orientation is to expand market worldwide, collaborated with more value partner internationally. It is a must in the fast changing world today, We have to constantly grow, embracing innovation, update technology and equipments, striving to meet the customers’s need and always keep What VMPC is known for: High Quality product – High touch service and most affordable price.