If We can’t satify you, I don’t know Who will


We possess the purest and brightest source of calcium carbonate in the Viet Nam and exploit with high standard of sustainability.. It is the mother nature Who give us one of the best source of calcium carbonate in the world. As our customers often say: “Your Calcium Carbonate is Whiter than White” and mostly used in various applications in Paint, Plastic, Paper, Ruber etc. Here is our Calcium Carbonate properties:

Our most modern European advance technology from German Hosokawa Alpine Which is the most famous brand in this field help us provide: High & constant product quality, Customized product and Different particle size down to top cut of 4 micron.

The customers are only satisfied if they receive quality in return of the money invested. And we in all circumstances make sure that quality ingredients are used in good formulation of these products: moisture content, effectiveness, PSD, color and other such properties are tested by our quality experts with modern LAB equipment.


Our experienced export teams, who have successfully been handing thousands of shipments to the customers from various countries, are always ready to make every single container and bulk vessel reach you in the time and conditions requested. We are available throughout the process ensuring There is no risk for your shipment.


VMPC believes in bringing value to our customers by delivering more than a quality product. Our technical experts bring world class experience and hand on knowledge to help our customers optimize their operation getting more successful and efficient.

  • Optimize and improve processes
  • Troubleshoot end user’s process.
  • Recommend products and usage guidelines

We do our best to make sure You not only buy Calcium Carbonate but also have a valuable partner Who solve all problems to improve your business.


First let us say to all our customer: Thank you for continuing to make VMPC as your preferred partner for Calcium Carbonate. Every year We reach out to our customer just to know How we are doing and What we can improve. We want to understand the customer’s challenge and pain points, make innovation on our product base on their feedback to correct any issues that our customer tell us about. This is exactly What set us apart from the others. Put the customer first and do our best to make them satisfied.


It is probably one of the most sensitive topic to talk about but We are all doing the business and profit come first in any situation.The more we make it transparent the more customer believe What they actually get. Frankly to say, We want our Calcium Carbonate to be known for its quality rather than being the cheapest in the market. Generally Product price reflect it’s quality. But every dollars counts in running the business. Therefore, at VMPC our dedicated R&D team constantly make innovation to minimize effectively the costs and improve productivity, help customer save their money as much as we can.

The Product price doesn’t mean the amount of money you pay for only our product but also the technical expert help you optimize the usage of CaCO3, recommend the most suitable product and no risk in any circumstances.